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The beginning...

One night Sam and I were sat watching TV, probably… Abandoned Engineering or Absolutely Fabulous and we were discussing gifts. We were both saying how we prefer gifts to be personal and thoughtful, as opposed to expensive or flashy. None of us are material people, we value the thought, process and idea behind a gift over it’s cost any day! As the conversation developed, I admitted that I despise people buying me jewellery.

As a crystal wearing, spiritual, witch I don’t really like anything that is modern, fashionable or trendy. I’m very much an odd-one-out when it comes to fashion, I wear what I like and what feels good to me. I very much live my life based on the energy I feel. This means that gifts are very daunting to me because I can feel the energy of every one that’s given to me and the intention behind it.

After admitting I hated being gifted jewellery and explaining why to Sam, she said, giving me a sassy look… “I bet I could buy you something that you like” before I knew it, she had decided she wasn’t going to buy me something, she was going to MAKE it. I wont lie, I got a bit clammy at the fact that she was pursuing this, I’ve never received jewellery that I’ve really loved from a partner before and I knew Sam well enough to know that she likes a challenge and is very determined – I wasn’t getting out of it haha!

However, I wasn’t actually nervous, she knew me very well and understood me, she didn’t quite know the extent of my spiritualism, but she knew most of it and I had faith that she would create something that would draw me in. THEN… she told me she was making me a ring, I think this was the point my brain went DAMM!

Jewellery itself is very personal for anyone to buy someone, jewellery for me is… stressful, because of my limited likes in style/fashion, a ring well.. a ring is a whole other level of all of that, amplified by a million! She made the ring and sent me a picture, my immediate thought was “I can’t believe she made it” I was overwhelmed… the thought, the energy, the process, the understanding, the love, all the emotions and energy she had when creating it came through to me. As cliche as it may sound, it really was perfect.

Since then, Sam has made me 3 rings, 2 bracelets and 2 necklaces. Due to me being an aerialist, I don’t wear rings on a daily basis but I wear the bracelets she made me every single day and would feel completely lost without them.

After a very nervous Sam had given me the first ring and bracelet, we were discussing how she had done them and I’d explained her ability to make these items, having never done it before, was amazing. Over the course of the next couple weeks, we were bouncing ideas around, with our creativity expanding and the passion of what we wanted to achieve growing. At first, we knew what we wanted to do and represent but we didn’t have any idea of what to name our brand.

I asked Sam to write down a list of words, places, items etc that reminded her of me, as I was writing my list down, she said “Infinity” and I immediately lit up, the first word I had written was Infinity.

Infinity comes from the song of the same title by James Young. We had been driving once and whilst I was singing away to the song, Sam said “this song reminds me of you” and in that moment, an everlasting memory was created.

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