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The faces behind the brand

We created Infinity through our passion for creativity and individuality.

We make a wide variety of handmade and bespoke items, for those who have a love for uniqueness and beauty. As well as those looking for personalised gifts, whether that be for someone else or themselves.

The ethos has and always will be, to put the planet first.

Our first date was pottery painting, which pretty much set the ball rolling. We very quickly realised that a lot of our interests and hobbies are identical. We love being in nature, exploring old architecture and ruins, adventurous activities, house plants, animals and of course making things!

Sophie would describe Sam as a protector, full of life and love. She’s definitely strange but she’s my type of strange. Her hyperness makes me want to fling her out the window sometimes.

Sam would describe Sophie as a very spiritual, calm, unique weirdo but she wouldn’t have it any other way. She’s definitely stubborn though and is supposedly always right.

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